Last updated: 12/14/2021



  • Updated server infrastructure


  • Updated only enabled locations in check-in
  • Fixed issue with GSX repair import
  • Fixed issue with downloading backups
  • Added GSX repair status setting
  • Updated external dependencies


  • Updated server infrastructure.


  • Added GSX article support
  • Added 24-hour CompTIA cache
  • Added May 2016 GSX API changes


  • Added reading CompTIA codes from GSX
  • Improved handling of failing GSX repair closing on order dispatch (notify technician instead of erroring)
  • Fixed issue with background GSX tasks not finding GSX certificates
  • Added timezone field to GSX accounts


  • Added default consignmentFlag False to CarryIn repairs
  • Improved underlying frameworks
  • Fixed various deprecation warnings with Django 1.9


  • Added price upload function to inventory
  • Added Apple Pencil support
  • Improved performance of device upload function
  • Improved device upload to use native Excel format
  • Fixed issue with notes' advanced search
  • Fixed issue with portable database backups


  • Added AppleCare+ support
  • Added GSX attachment size check
  • Added Dispatch & Close command
  • Added new CompTIA codes
  • Added AST2 test support
  • Added send email task to rules
  • Added "status older than" search
  • Added "show in check-in" setting for location
  • Added file format validation for queue print templates
  • Added possibility to choose obsolete purchase dates in checkin
  • Added possibility to use templates in rules
  • Fixed issue with editing notes with multiple tabs
  • Fixed several diagnostics-related issues
  • Fixed issue with using custom email address with periodic commands
  • Fixed issue with selecting user and location in checkin
  • Fixed issue with uploading attachments to GSX
  • Fixed issue with serial number update and GPR parts
  • Fixed issue with searching for phone numbers with country prefixes in checkin
  • Improved performance of product detail view
  • Improved several UI-related tweaks and fixes
  • Updated underlying libraries and frameworks


  • Fixed issue with non-unique serial numbers when creating order
  • Fixed session issue in stats
  • Added GSX repair import


  • Fixed issue with Find My iPhone status detection


  • Fixed issue with adding devices to orders
  • Fixed issues with order searches not being saved
  • Fixed issues with stats


  • Added SSL certificate support for GSX
  • Added symptom and issue codes for repairs
  • Added Skype links to customer phone numbers
  • Added latest CompTIA codes
  • Fixed new personalised part number detection
  • Improved check-in interface
  • Fixed issues with some search forms
  • Fixed several other issues and performance enhancements


  • Added downloadable backups


  • Added order creation API
  • Added batch order processing
  • Added rules
  • Added setting group members from group admin
  • Fixed several issues


  • Fixed reporting GSX authentication errors through the warranty API
  • Fixed issue with CRAM-MD5 authentication in SMTP connections
  • Fixed issue with certain device searches
  • Added permission for copying orders
  • Added CompTIA details to part listing in GSX repair confirmation tab
  • Fixed issue with missing MRI results
  • Fixed issue with repair turnaround statistics


  • Fixed issue with SSL connections (email, SMS, GSX) on some installations.
  • Fixed issue with notifications
  • Fixed issue with checkin date in customer advanced search
  • Added next tether policy to warranty API
  • Added customer type filter to customer chooser
  • Added customer type filter to customer search
  • Added Beats Products


  • Fixed several issues with new repair statistics
  • Fixed disabled caching in warranty API
  • Fixed error reporting in warranty API
  • Added notification setting for user profiles


  • Fixed issue with component group 0
  • Added API auth token generation in admin
  • Added repair stats
  • Added Beats products symptom codes
  • Fixed issue with invoice search with empty date
  • Added API for warranty lookups


  • Fixed forms on stats pages
  • Fixed invoice search with invalid input
  • Added tags to GSX warranty results


  • Fixed FMiP status display with iPads
  • Fixed issues with cookies in checkin
  • Fixed issue with timestamping status changes
  • Added latest Apple product definitions


  • Added Quality Program warranty status
  • Fixed issue with spaces in GSX repair customer ZIP code
  • Added email address validation in system settings
  • Added onsite field to device form
  • Added support for non-part repairs in GSX repair details lookup
  • Added logging when case follower is unassigned
  • Added email address validation in system settings
  • Improved date format display in order notes
  • Fixed issue with displaying some device search results
  • Improved performance of Apple device image URLs
  • Added local orders tab to GSX search results
  • Added autofocus to toolbar search field
  • Removed manual and exploded view links
  • Added order history popup to devices
  • Improved updated underlying development libraries and frameworks
  • Improved various other fixes and tweaks


  • Fixed issue with unsetting order handler
  • Added new iPad symptom codes
  • Improved update service part component group on GSX price update
  • Improved reporting errors on customer save.
  • Improved error logging and reporting.


  • Fixed issue with DOA part mismatching
  • Fixed issue with viewing non-ASCII characters in GSX repair details
  • Fixed issue with invalid serial number in checkin device form
  • Fixed issue handling incomplete diagnostic data


  • Fixed intermittent issue with empty status menu in orders
  • Added Adjustment-part type
  • Fixed issue with non-ASCII characters in iOS diagnostic results
  • Fixed issue with using adjustment-type parts in GSX repairs
  • Framework, library and server security updates


  • Added Order Status API
  • Fixed input validation issues in check-in
  • Added serial number validation
  • Improved sort order of message search results to be descending by date
  • Fixed showing only active users in check-in


  • Added Find My iPhone status
  • Improved device search now always performs GSX lookup with a warranty status update
  • Added more detailed GSX info in device notes
  • Fixed issue with Update Warranty Status command


  • Added iOS diagnostics URL to order events
  • Added updating product price info in inventory when adding part from GSX (if not fixed price)
  • Added customer data download
  • Fixed issue with GSX Update Price


  • Added iOS diagnostics initiation


  • Fixedissue with serial number case sensitivity in checkin
  • Fixedissue with file attachments in checkin


  • Added Z58 iPhone symptom code
  • Fixedissue in checkin without serial numbers
  • Fixedissue with HQSMS delivery status


  • Added tags selection to checkin
  • Added link to switch between Servo and Checkin (under profile menu)
  • Added reseller field to devices
  • Fixedissues with some localizations


  • Added searching invoices by order number
  • Fixedissue with sending SMS with HQSMS
  • Fixedissues with searching invoices
  • Fixedissue with changing SMS providers
  • Added option to toggle showing checklist answers in checkin.


  • Fixed Consumer Law option to support three options - Yes, No and Unknown. Yes and No only work when GSX offers CL coverage for a part.
  • Fixed issue with usernames in checkin
  • Fixed issue with attachments in checkin


  • Fixed issue with consumer law checkbox
  • Fixed issue with component check
  • Fixed issue with accessories in checkin
  • Fixed issue with editing incomplete GSX repairs


  • Added consumer law claim support in GSX repairs
  • Fixed Safari password autofill in checkin
  • Fixed issue with deleting GSX repairs with invalid data
  • Added password visiblity option in checkin
  • Fixed issue with displaying country name in device details
  • Added default order priority for queues
  • Added HQSMS SMS provider support


  • Fixed several issues with check-in.
  • Added Netherlands as a region option.
  • Added iPad swollen battery REP code (Z45)
  • Fixed issue with browsing customers.
  • Improved translations.


  • Fixed issue with order search and pagination
  • Added cookie check to check-in
  • Fixed issue with some devices in check-in
  • Improved performance in order listing and editing


  • Added company-wide logo setting
  • Added user batch-uploading
  • Added alt-click to toggle lists of checkboxes
  • Added check for using spaces in product codes (illegal)
  • Added user deletion in admin
  • Fixed phone number format checking in checkin


  • Fixed issue with adding some substitute parts to an order
  • Fixed missing timestamps in email Message Log
  • Added Notes-field to private check-in
  • Fixed missing Message Log history
  • Added icon to show when a note has been sent
  • Added Show barcode-command to orders and devices
  • Added Danish language support


  • Fixed issue with GSX errors during serial number update
  • Fixed issue with using serial numbers that contain dashes
  • Fixed issue with listing service parts
  • Fixed issues with device advanced find
  • Added note message log (Note > Message Log)
  • Added delivery reports for some SMS operators
  • Added country field to customer info
  • Fixed issue deleting products
  • Fixed issue with fetching return labels
  • Fixed issue with editing product tags
  • Fixed issue with GSX lookups while adding device to order
  • Fixed issue with viewing invoices through inventory
  • Added check for valid phone numbers in customer form
  • Fixed issue with removing device accessories
  • Fixed issue with incorrect prices in receipts after updating prices in order
  • Improved translations
  • Improved show relative dates in order notes
  • Added New Order command to customer dropdown menu in order view


  • Added new iPhone symptom codes.


  • Fixed issue with non-ASCII filenames in incoming mail
  • Fixed issue with completing repairs that have been deleted from GSX
  • Fixed issue with calculating part prices with incorrect configuration


  • Added link to service order in bulk return listing.


  • Fixed issue with sessions in checkin.
  • Fixed issue with closing repairs that have been deleted in GSX
  • Added country field to customer form.
  • Fixed searching for parts without serial number
  • Improved user listing in checking (now based on group and location).


  • Fixed issue with saving system settings.
  • Improved uploading devices.


  • Added iOS diagnostics support.
  • Fixed issue with invalid GSX credentials in warranty status update.


  • Fixed issue with saving customer names with leading and trailing whitespace.
  • Improved performance of creating orders by device serial number.
  • Fixed issue with permissions in admin.
  • Improved handling of parts added in GSX web ui
  • Fixed issue with closing deleted GSX repairs
  • Improved showing GSX diagnostic results.


  • Added customer upload.
  • Fixed issue with GSX warranty lookups.
  • Fixed issue with closing GSX repairs with closed service orders.
  • Fixed issue with using checkin without checklists.
  • Fixed issue with adding devices using IMEI codes.
  • Improved incoming parts listing ordering in descending chronological order.
  • Fixed choosing customer based on email or phone number.
  • Improved search results in advanced customer search.


  • Fixed issue with deleting orders
  • Improved new CompTIA codes
  • Improved adding statuses to queues.
  • Fixed issue with GSX part lookups for invalid serial numbers.
  • Improved various UI elements.
  • Updated underlying software frameworks and libraries.


  • Fixed issue GSX escalation checking.


  • Improved translations.


  • Added status timeline for checkin status page.
  • Added sorting to order, product and other tables.
  • Added command to copy notes.
  • Improved checkin mobile browser support.


  • Fixed issue with GSX time format in et_EE locale.
  • Added clearing individual notifications by alt-clicking on the notification.
  • Improved matching incoming mail to services cases. Message bodies are now also parsed for ID so that non-delivery reports will also get picked up properly.
  • Added hiding quotes email correspondance.
  • Fixed issue where unregistering a part from a return still showed the part as registered.


  • Fixed issues with some SMS phone numbers.
  • Removed superuser and API access settings
  • Updated server software


  • Added new SMS provider.


  • Fixed issue with modal popups on smaller screens.


  • Added showing applied iOS activation policy
  • Improved GSX error handling in checkin
  • Fixed issue with canceling the creation of a new product.
  • Improved GSX purchased order prefix max length to 8 characters.
  • Fixed issue with using email addresses with names as message recipients
  • Fixed issue with clicking Back after removing a product from an order.
  • Added template syntax check when saving note template in admin.
  • Fixed UI bug with toggling device reporting in an order
  • Added showing possible GSX error when editing a part inside an order
  • Added KGB IMEI field for parts
  • Fixed issue with accessories in checkin.


  • Fixed issue with checking escalations


  • Fixed issue with saving serial numbers with spaces.
  • Fixed issue with using lower-case serial numbers in checkin.
  • Fixed permissions issue with copying a service order
  • Added counters for unread messages and alerts in the toolbar
  • Added escalations support. GSX General Escalations can now be created by using the new Escalation-tab in the note editing form. To submit an escalation to GSX, simply make sure to select the correct Issue type. Updates to escalations will be automatically checked every 15 minutes and the updates will appear as regular replies to the note.
  • Fixed other smaller UI bugs, updated framework components.


  • Fixed issue with Status statistics.
  • Fixed issue with adding followers to orders.
  • Fixed Issue with Serial Update on parts which are converted to stock.


  • Added Button to clear all notifications under Homepage > Updates
  • Fixed Changing language without logging out


  • Added Multiple payments and payment methods can now be set for each invoice.
  • Added Separate menus for status updates and new messages.
  • Added Updates-section under Homepage
  • Added Time zone setting for user profiles
  • Added Incoming Mail > User Account setting


  • Fixed Default unknown charsets of incoming emails to Latin 1
  • Fixed Group status statistics on event triggering timestamp


  • Fixed Issue with losing GSX credentials when saving users in the admin interface
  • Added Limiting technician choices to only users belonging to the same location
  • Added GSX profile settings in user admin.


  • Added Accessories to check-in interface
  • Fixed Show IMEI, username, password fields only when necessary in check-in.


  • Fixed Issue with creating mark-complete GSX repairs without serialized parts
  • Fixed Issue with unitReceivedDate not being sent for warranty check when creating GSX repair


  • Fixed Incoming email detection
  • Added Outgoing emails are now tagged in the subject (SRO#XXXXX/XXXX)
  • Fixed Return 404 error when trying to re-visit deleted order
  • Fixed Show only un-assigned (messages not tied to any Service ORder) messages in Messages/Inbox


  • Fixed Issue with downloading customer search results
  • Fixed Issue with warranty lookups using lower case serial numbers
  • Fixed Issue with losing leading zeros in IMEI codes
  • Fixed Restored missing leading zeros in IMEI codes
  • Fixed Issue with printing order dispatch from order toolbar
  • Fixed Disabled location menus for closed orders
  • Fixed Disabled customer editing for closed orders
  • Fixed Incoming email character set detection
  • Fixed Sorting of Messages in Note browser by newest-first


  • Fixed Issue with setting follower to user with duplicate names
  • Fixed Swedish translations
  • Fixed Selecting device tags
  • Fixed Footer in customer search results


  • Added Customer search and export
  • Fixed Issue with doing GSX searches with invalid serial numbers
  • Added Part count in bulk returns list


  • Added Company-field to checkin customer form (appended to customer name)
  • UI and template fixes


  • Fixed an issue with GSX authentication
  • Fixed an issue with setting order followers
  • Moved Priority-menu under submenu in order toolbar
  • Added Follow Order command under action menu in order toolbar
  • Fixed an issue with adding iPhones without IMEI codes to service orders
  • Several fixes to the checkin interface


  • Added check-in interface
  • Streamlined admin interface
  • Added command for updating part price from GSX
  • Added command for merging customer records
  • Added error reporting tool
  • Support for use on iPad in landscape orientation
  • Updated underlying framework components
  • Updated CompTIA codes
  • FIxed an issue with returning DOA parts
  • Fixed issue with out-of-order multipack returns
  • Show checkin, current and checkout locations in order edit header
  • Updated translations
  • UI improvements
  • Many internal bugfixes, performance and security enhancements


  • Fixed issue with editing product counts in inventory
  • Improved management of multiple inventory slots per product
  • Show currenecy in order dispatch view


  • Fixed issue with DOA part return labels
  • Added service part labour tier to sales statistics
  • Fixed issue with receiving parts for closed orders


  • Stats improvements
  • Added closed orders per queue
  • Added repair confirmation to orders/edit footer


  • Fixed issue with stats
  • Fixed issue with barcodes and serial numbers with leading whitespace


  • Statistics improvements
  • Other smaller fixes


  • Improved statistics
  • Fixed issue with saving GSX accounts (admin)
  • Fixed issue with moving customers
  • Fixed issue with From: header when sending SMS through SMTP gateway
  • Fixed issue with deleting user account with Service Orders
  • Fixed issue with SSL flag check on SMTP connections


  • Fixed issue when saving settings without GSX account
  • Fixed issue with inventory tracking setting
  • Added group selection to technician statistics
  • Improved statistics UI


  • Fixed issue with listing parts in warranty status results


  • Fixed issue with creating products from inventory


  • Fixed issue with searching and viewing products from the inventory
  • Fixed adding devices to orders using Firefox
  • Added default sender choice for notes to admin panel


  • Fixed browsing and managing product categories
  • Removed customer menu from account form (admin)
  • Limit location choices to user's configured locations in order search form
  • Updated and optimized server software stack
  • Other fixes and improvements


  • Added MBA SSD REP symptom codes
  • Fixed an issue with calculating item price without shipping


  • Fixed issue with editing customers from order view
  • Fixed issue with registering bulk return from location with no Ship-To


  • Fixed an issue with some GSX lookups
  • Fixed customer group management
  • Removed Public Group setting from admin
  • Fixed an issue with deleting locations


  • Fixed an issue with GSX lookups from locations without dedicated GSX accounts


  • Added iOS component check support
  • Fixed issues with uploading inventory data
  • Updated iPad symptom codes
  • Improved statistics
  • Added personal runrate stats
  • Fixed GSX repair completion auto-status trigger
  • Other fixes and improvements


  • Added statistics
  • Improved interface for bulk returns (separated each ship-to with a tab)
  • Added inventory value totals to product listing footer (sales/purchase value)
  • Fixed an issue with using overpacks in returns
  • Fixed an issue with sending SMS messages with non-ASCII characters in the title
  • Added checks for valid user names in admin
  • Fixed an issue with uploading product databases with different line endings
  • Fixed viewing purchasae orders


  • Fixed an issue with ordering non-returnable (abused) parts for devices under warranty
  • Improved template autocomplete performance
  • Improved GSX error reporting
  • UI fixes for Firefox


  • Improvements in dealing with DOA parts
  • All incoming products can now be searched by service order number
  • Service orders can now be searched by purchase order reference (GSX PO number)
  • Some UI improvements


  • Fixed an issue with warranty checks by IMEI number
  • Fixed an issue which prevented printing a return label for a part without an EEE code
  • Fixed an issue which prevented new note templates from being available after creation
  • Various other fixes and improvements


  • Warranty details from GSX lookups now also include contract coverage details
  • Repeat service cases are now highlighted when adding a device to a repair
  • Improved product search in inventory
  • Multiple parts can now be added simultaneously for a device
  • Full product details are now available when clicking on part number while adding part to order
  • Incoming products can now be filtered on various criteria
  • Fixed an issue with searching orders with date ranges
  • Set Reply-To header in outgoing mail to the From: address of the message
  • Fixed an issue which prevented parts without EEE-codes from being added to GSX repairs
  • Fixed an issue where symptom codes were not copied from the order when duplicating a GSX repair
  • Updated the bulk return interface to also include purchase order reference numbers
  • Parts must now have valid KGB and KBB SN details before registering for return
  • Fixed an issue which caused the returnable damage flag to not be set properly when a device was under warranty
  • Both original and substituted part numbers are now displayed in device's available parts list
  • An order's GSX repair view is no longer cached
  • A device's complete warranty details are now also visible when adding parts
  • Fixed an issue with setting note tags from the note's action menu
  • Updated available iPhone symptom codes
  • Various other user interface and performance enhancements


  • Fixed an issue which caused unexpected behaviour when using lower case serial numbers in warranty status checks
  • Fixed an issue which prevented GSX repairs to show in device GSX history if the customer name contained non-ASCII characters
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements


  • Added option to disable stock inventory tracking
  • Added feature to create devices from products within order edit view (product must be Replacement and have KGB SN)
  • Sold devices are now highlighted in GSX warranty lookups (i.e. a sold replacement device is now shown in the warranty lookup)
  • Reversed order of sales orders, purchase orders and invoices on product info page (chronologically descending)
  • An error message is now shown when trying to order non-eligible parts from a repair
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect location name in daily aging repairs report
  • Other smaller fixes


  • Service Order codes are now numeric and 8 digits long
  • Added From: field to note editor
  • Renamed "Serial Number" to "KGB Serial Number"
  • Checkout location is now set to the checkin location on order creation
  • Automatic printing can now be configured in user profile settings
  • Improved note template management interface
  • Repat Services are now highlighted
  • Location of SRO is now automatically set to the technician's location
  • GSX authentication errors are now reported when doing GSX lookups
  • Bulk returns are now limited to the location the return is being registered at
  • Prices before taxes are now displayed as tooltips in the SRO products section
  • Fixed an issue where search results would include the same result multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where the SRO code was not set when adding parts to a GSX repair
  • Fixed an issue where the SRO description did not update when devices where added or removed
  • Updated Finnish and Estonian translation
  • Other smaller improvements and fixes, including small changes to base print template


  • Added setting for daily report recipient
  • Fixed timestamps in order events
  • Other fixes and improvements


  • Datepickers start on monday
  • Fixed issue with email notification exclusion
  • Update CompTIA codes
  • Improved invoice search
  • Improved Purchase Order search
  • Fixed AST diagnostics link


  • Fixed GSX POP upload regression bug from last update
  • Added temporary fix for creating GSX repairs where the unit has been received within the last hour
  • Non-submitted purchase order items are no longer listed on the incoming products page (fixes 500-error when trying to receive an item from a purchase order that has not been submitted)
  • Replaced Submit-button with "Confirm"- checkbox in the Purchase Order edit view
  • Fixed a part number identification issue
  • Updated application frameworks


  • Fixed UI inconsistencies between creating, editing and replying to notes
  • Fixed an issue with closing GSX repairs containing non-serialized parts


  • Fixed sending messages to multiple emails and phone numbers simultaneously
  • Added tooltip to note to indicate where the message was sent. Due to database change, previous sent timestamps have been lost.
  • Fall back to "" if no customer email provided
  • Fix an issue where a customer might be assigned to the wrong order
  • Added poNumber prefix option to user profile
  • Fixed a GSX authentication issue when printing return labels
  • Other smaller fixes and improvements


  • Reworked the GSX repair form to support "Save for later"- functionality. The "Confirm"-checkbox must now be enabled to submit the repair to GSX
  • Added a feature to duplicate GSX repairs
  • Added a time picker to the GSX form
  • Attachments to GSX repairs are no longer saved as notes and can instead be accessed from the G-tab of a Service Order
  • Fixed a bug which caused GSX unitReceived timestamps to be in the wrong timezone
  • Fixed a bug which prevented new note templates from appearing
  • Note templates are now selected by typing a part of the template's title
  • Click on part or unit SN to get EEE code for parts lookup
  • Other fixes and improvements