Last updated: 08/20/2013

GSX Repairs

A GSX Repair is essentially a Service Order that has been submitted to GSX. A device can only have one active GSX repair (except for non-serialized products), but since orders can include more than one device, orders can also technically have more than one corresponding GSX repair.

Creating a GSX Repair

To create a GSX repair, a service order should have a device, a customer and some service parts added to it. The order should also be assigned to a service queue and to a technician.

Servo supports creating Carry-in and onsite repairs. To create either one, click on the corresponding button underneath the device details.

Creating a Repair

On the next page, Servo will do a warranty status lookup for the device, with the selected parts (and symptom codes and modifiers) to determine the warranty status for each service part. The price category as well as the warranty status of each part is displayed in the left sidebar.

Editing a Repair

Fill out the symptoms and diagnosis text fields. Under the Details-tab you can also add additional notes, request review, as well as upload proof of purchase or documents. Notice that the Unit received-date is prefilled with the creation date and time of the service order. The reference field corresponds to the Purchase Order Number field in GSX (hint: you can have Servo automatically prefix the reference field with the value you set in your profile settings).

The customer details are automatically populated with all the available information. Clicking the "Delete" button will cancel the repair creation and return you to the service order.

After filling out all the necessary fields, you can either save the repair to edit it later, or submit it to GSX by checking the "Confirm" checkbox and clicking "Submit".

After submitting a repair, Servo will either notify you of any GSX errors that may have occurred or return you to the GSX repair view which will show the repair's current GSX status. You can return to this view at any time by clicking the repair confirmation number next to the "Order" tab.

Copying repairs

You can quickly create a duplicate of an existing repair from the GSX repair view by clicking the "Copy" button in the toolbar. This is particularly useful in case a repair was declined due to incorrect or insufficient details - simply make the copy, correct the problem and submit the repair again.

Adding parts

To add a service part to an existing GSX repair, add the part to the service order, then click on the repair number dropdown menu and select "Add to Repair".

Completing repairs

To mark a repair as complete, click the repair number tab and then the "Complete Repair" button in the toolbar. Depending on your system configuration, Servo may also attempt to complete the repair when closing the service order.

Updating serial numbers

When using serialized service part modules, Servo will prompt for the KGB and KBB serial numbers when adding the part to the order (the fields can initially be left blank). Once the fields have been filled, use the "Update Serial Numbers" command in the repair number dropdown menu of a part to submit those serial numbers to GSX.

Whole unit replacement parts will only prompt for the KGB serial number (since the KBB serial number will be the serial number of the unit itself).

Servo will automatically attempt a serial number update before completing a repair.