Last updated: 08/20/2013

Getting Started

Servo is a comprehensive Service Management System designed specifically for the needs of Authorised Apple Service Providers. You can use it track all your service orders, customers and their devices, products and inventory, customer communication, service parts logistics and pretty much everything else an AASP needs in daily work.

Finding things

To find something in Servo, first select what you're looking for from the top menu then enter your query into the search field and press Enter. The search is designed to be as inclusive as possible by default. Fore example, you can search for service orders by order code, customer name, device serial number or even a partial customer phone number.

To search for text contained in any note in a service order, first select the Messages-section from the top menu.

Searching from your Homepage will limit the results to orders you are following, with the exception of order codes which will take you straight to the order, regardless of who is following it.

Products can be searched by the product code, title, any tags that have been added to the product or by product category.

You will find additional "filtering" fields next to many tables in Servo - type in some characters to instantly filter the table to include only the rows that match the criteria.

Some areas of the system also include additional search features that are specific to that section. For example, the Orders-section features a search tool (accessible by clicking the search icon next to the "filter" search field) which lets you fine-tune search criteria on that page.


Your homepage

The homepage (the first section in the topmost menu) lists all the service orders you are following this is also where you can access your time tracking data and profile settings. To log out of Servo, use the "Sign Out" command in the Homepage's toolbar.


This is the main entry point to the service order database. By default it will list all service orders that have not yet been assigned to anyone (sorted by ascending chronological order and priority)


Here you will find all the products and services that have been added to the inventory database as well as all your invoices and purchase orders. Service part logistic functions (receiving and returning parts) are also located here.


This is where you'll find all the devices that been entered into the system. You can either browse them by product line and model, search existing devices by various criteria, or do GSX lookups with serial numbers for devices that have not yet been registered into Servo. From here you can also look up service part prices for devices based on their model name.


The customers section allows you to browse and search your customer database as well as create new customers, edit their information and move them around the hierarchy.


From here you can search and browse all the communication and repair notes that are going through the system. If you're looking for a service order and all you have to go with is something that was written in one of it's notes - here is where you should search.


This is the configuration panel for system-level settings. The option is only visible to users with administration privileges.